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Chillax with bubble popping mayhem!

Save the Mega Cute Miximals from their bubble prisons while you enjoy a bubble popping bonaza. Whatever you do donít pop Boomskull's bubble or let any of the other bubbles escape!

Can you survive the bubble waves and rack up the highest score?

How to play:

All you have to do is tap bubbles to burst them and earn points. Pop a Mega Cute Miximal character's bubble to set them free then tap them again before they hit the ground to earn extra points.

WARNING: Miss popping a bubble or pop Boomskull's bubble and you lose a heart. You have 5 hearts and if you lose one you can gain a heart back by freeing all 8 Mega Cute Miximals.

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Game Features:

  • Hours of fun for all ages
  • Endless levels and replay value
  • Easy pick up and play addictive
  • Colourful bubblegum feel graphics
  • 8 Mega Cute Miximal Characters to rescue: Eskimoo, Porkupineapple, Glambrock, Iced Bunny, Viking Kong, Octopuss, Kimono Dragon and PandA.I.
  • 1 Highly dangerous character: Boomskull
  • Gamecenter: over 85 achievements and leader board


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