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Help Kosmo wipe the Snotz from the face of the planet!

CosmoNutz is available for the iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch.

Quite unbelievably, those dastardly Snotz have been at it again! They've only gone and impounded Kosmo's shiny Rocket for landing on the Royal lawns; how was he to know a icky swamp was a Royal lawn anyway? He steps out to take one giant leak for mankind, and there goes his ride!

Want to help him get back in the driving seat using your Super Puzzle Powers; want to give those Snotz what for with a taste of some good old fashioned boulder? Sound good? Then this is the game for you, as it will drive you CosmoNutz with hours of head scratching deceptively addictive fun! Your Planet needs you!

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  • 300 Mind blowing levels of brain teasing joy
  • Easy and intuitive controls
  • Pick up and play addictive
  • vSci-Fi styling, with a polished look and feel
  • Fantastic sound effects and music
  • Smooth,seamless 3D animation
  • Endless replay value


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